so are we.

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All our work is customer-centric – our thinking begins with your unique customer needs and target impact, layering in business models and other aspects of the external environment second. This ensures that our work is approached pragmatically to drive compelling impact for your end customer.

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We are on your team rather than acting as an independent hired body. That means closely working with you to ensure that you and your team are part of developing the solution. We know this leads to stronger results and that your teams will be better equipped to keep moving the ball forward.

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Strong analysis and communication require streamlining your complex issues and ideas. We are experts in cutting through clutter and chaos to develop clear, linear paths to success. Our goal is to work with you to develop efficient ideas, ensuring crisp rollout messaging and change management for executives and staff.

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We specialize in driving commercially competitive and sustainable strategy, optimizing current and identifying net new revenue streams. Our goal is to help you move your customer relationships from transactional to deeply loyal, ensuring your revenue base can weather any storm.

Second Order is a Canada-based management consultancy with global reach.

We help our clients with strategic planning, customer strategy, financial planning, design, and execution. Our clients are primarily from creative industries and are leaders in the arts & culture sector, entertainment, media, tech, and selected other industries.