Why “Second Order”? The words have two meanings. The first is that problems faced by organizations are increasingly multi-faceted “second order” or higher complexity problems. The second is that a second order in the literal sense is often a sign that your customer is moving from transactional to a more loyal customer relationship.

Second Order is a Toronto, Ontario-based management consultancy focused on helping our clients with customer-related issues including strategic planning, customer strategy, customer experience, and customer insights. We are a federation of independents who work together when it makes sense. We add resources to projects based on the client’s industry and current needs – we dig into our networks to bring the right resources to task. We share three core beliefs:

1) Start with the customer

2) Simplify where possible

3) Support and work collaboratively with clients to help them accomplish their goals

Our clients include leading public sector organizations and technology-media-telecom companies.

*Geeks: second order has nothing to do with The First Order in the recent Star Wars films.