Customer-centric thinking

Working for you starts with working for your customer

A partnership orientation

Collaboration with no surprises


Clarity by cutting through complexity


All of our work is customer centric – we start our thinking with customer needs and impact and layer on thinking about the business and other aspects of the external environment second.


We are on your team rather than an independent hired team. That means closely working with you to ensure that you and your team are part of developing the solution. We believe that better solutions result and that you will be better placed to continue to move the ball forward.


Strong analysis and communication require simplification of ideas to their essence. This lets us cut through the clutter during development of ideas and ensures crisp messaging for executives and staff about go-forward plans.

Second Order is a Toronto, Ontario-based management consultancy focused on helping our clients with strategic planning, customer strategy, financial planning, design, and execution. Our clients work public sector, technology-media-telecom, and selected other industries.