Customer experience improvement

Customer experience is the customer’s perception about how easy an organization is to work with when trying to meet their objectives. Satisfied customers are less likely to churn, more likely to provide referrals, are less price sensitive, and often have lower cost to serve.
The ideal process to improve CX includes an open mind about what constitutes a better experience from the point of view of the customer.
Some of the tools we can deploy in improving customer experience include touchpoints analysis, customer journey analysis, focus groups, and quantitative surveys, competitive scans, and transaction data analytics among other tools.

• Has the organization quantified the business case for customer experience improvement?
• What are the most important drivers of customer’s subjective experience?
• Do the drivers vary by type of customer?
• How is our organization currently doing at delivering?
• Are we measuring customer satisfaction in an effective and actionable way?
• Do the right people in the organization see and understand our metrics?
• Is the organization considering customer touchpoints but focusing on customer journeys?
• Is the customer experience improvement roadmap linked to the strategic roadmap?