Customer centric strategic planning

Strategic planning brings together the goals of the organization, the competitive positioning and customer value it wants to deliver, and the roadmap to develop the capabilities and resources required to execute.

Our philosophy is that the customer should always remain at the centre of strategy with a focus on how the customer will be impacted, how range of positive futures affect what an organization can deliver for its customers, how customer value will be driven up by plans, and how flexibility and performance management will be built in. Beyond these principles, we don’t bring in a preconceived methodology for strategy; rather we prefer to work on a customized approach that works for the company’s unique context and the skills and perspective of the management team.

The typical consulting model includes consultants doing most of the work. We typically work closely with management on developing the plan from developing the fact base to performing the analysis to laying out a roadmap and assigning accountability. A mixture of our staff and our client’s assist with leg work. Or in some instances we can use a purely facilitated approach that draws primarily on the existing knowledge and perspective of client teams with some prodding and questioning from us in sessions that typically run from ½ to 2 days in length. If the right answers are known by someone on your team, we can find them and structure them with you.

Some of the questions that we might address:

  • How are our customer’s needs evolving?
  • What other facts and trends are important?
  • How might digital affect our industry and what we can deliver?
  • Have we developed a fulsome set of high level options?
  • What will we consider in choosing among the options?
  • What won’t we do?
  • What capabilities are required to execute?
  • What are the risks to our strategy succeeding?